The Divided Era, using historical perspectives, explains how ever larger government, and the competition for its spoils, is creating a potentially permanent political divide in America today.

Each election cycle, the stakes appear to be greater than ever. America is in what could be called the Divided Era. Partisanship is at a modern high, with much of the nation divided evenly along party lines. That high state of partisanship is caused, in large part, by the stakes being so high.

The sheer size and intrusiveness of our government pits groups of people against one another in competition for government benefits, while taxpayers do battle with tax users. Meanwhile, the House of Representatives has changed hands 3 times in recent years and Presidents suffer in the polls./

Is there any rhyme or reason to those fluctuations? Is there a pattern to these wins and losses or is it a matter of political luck which party comes out on top?

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The New Conservative Paradigm, 2 Ed., sets forth, in clear and simple terms, the formula to electoral success over the last 60 years. While most Presidents have faltered, two Presidents have succeeded and become icons of American history: John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

Both challenged Americans to achieve new heights – not through government action - but through freeing the American economy and spirit. By challenging Americans to achieve through private effort not public programs – and helping to enact key policies to make that happen, they lifted a Nation and changed the world.

The New Conservative Paradigm, updated for the 2008 and 2010 elections, explores their success and details the remaining Presidents who had lesser degrees of success. Most importantly, The New Conservative Paradigm provides a way forward for success.

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